2013 (Jan to Nov) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Lamborghini Aventador at the Geneva Auto Salon 2013

New passenger vehicle registrations increased in Europe, the USA, Japan and China in November 2013, while car sales contracted in India, Brazil, and Russia. Car sales in November 2013 increased in most major car markets. In China, new passenger vehicle registrations were up by a quarter in November 2013, while Japan and the USA also … Read more

2014 International: Worldwide Car Sales Predictions

Bugatti Veyron at Geneva Auto Salon 2013

Global car sales are predicted to grow by 3 to 4 percent in 2014. China will remain the largest and fastest growing single-country passenger vehicle market. Car sales predictions for 2014 by the VDA and HIS Automotive (Polk) see the world market for cars and light trucks growing by 3 to 4%. An increase in … Read more

2013 (Jan to Oct) International: Worldwide Car Sales

10 million VW in China

Car sales in October 2013 were surprisingly strong in most parts of the world with positive figures in Europe, Japan, the USA and China. New passenger vehicle registrations in the major car markets were surprisingly strong during October 2013. Sales in China increased by a third, in the USA by over 10%, and in Japan … Read more

2013 (Jan to Sep) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Car sales in September 2013 were surprisingly strong with even Europe and Japan recording strong growth with new vehicle registrations highest in China. Car sales in various regions of the world were robust during September 2013. Europe had a rare positive month while new vehicle registrations in Japan were up by almost a fifth. Light … Read more

2013 (Q3) China and Worldwide German Luxury Car Sales

Mercedes-Benz S Class Launch in China

German carmakers Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volkswagen had record sales in China and worldwide during the first nine months of 2013. January to September 2013 saw another record for passenger vehicle sales for German car manufacturers. Despite weak markets in Europe, worldwide and Chinese car sales of German luxury and premium brand cars grew … Read more

2013 (Jan to Aug) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Geneva Auto Salon 2013

New vehicle registrations continue to grow in August 2013 in the USA and China while sales were weak in Europe, Russia, Japan, and Brazil. Worldwide car sales in August 2013 continue to show a mixed picture in different parts of the world. The USA had its best single month in six years while year-to-date growth … Read more

2013 (Jan-July) International: Worldwide Car Sales

BMW i8 Concept at Geneva Auto Show in 2013

New car sales increased in Europe, the USA and China during July 2013 but declined in Russia, India, Japan and Brazil. New passenger vehicle registrations in the three largest car market in the world – the USA, China and Europe – increased during July 2013. However, other large markets including Russia, Japan, Brazil and India … Read more

2013 (First Half) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Morgan Cars at Geneva Auto Show 2013

Worldwide car sales were mixed during the first semester of 2013 with strong growth in China and the USA and continued weakness in Europe, Japan and India. Car sales in the major world markets continued to develop differently during the first semester of 2013. While the new passenger vehicle markets of Europe, Russia, India, and … Read more

2013 (Half Year) China and Worldwide German Luxury Car Sales

BMW and Mini at Geneva Auto Salon 2013

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche had a record start to 2013 with higher car sales in China and most parts of the world. German car manufacturers had another half year of record car sales during the first half of 2013. So-called premium car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche saw sales increase in almost … Read more

2013 (January to May) International Worldwide Car Sales

BMW i8 at Geneva Auto Salon 2013

May 2013 light vehicles sales in the USA, China and Brazil  showed strong growth while new passenger car registrations in Europa, India, Russia and Japan were down. 2013 car sales in major international regions continue to be mixed with strong performances in the USA, China and Brazil but weak sales in Europe, India, and Japan. … Read more