2012 (Full Year) Germany: Best-Selling Hybrid Car Models

In 2012 Toyota dominated the German hybrid car market with the Yaris the most popular hybrid passenger vehicle in Germany. Top five from Toyota.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show

The German hybrid car market in 2012 grew by 70% to over 21,000 new hybrid passenger vehicle registrations. Toyota dominated the German hybrid car market with a three-quarters market share. The top five best-selling models were from Toyota, with the Yaris now more popular than the Auris and Prius. Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus CT was the fourth most popular hybrid car and the new Prius Plus came in at fifth. German manufacturers have introduced hybrid cars but thus far with limited success.

The German Hybrid Car Market in 2012

In 2012, a total of 21,438 new hybrid vehicle registrations saw the market expand by 70% from the 12,622 hybrid cars registered in 2011. These sales figures include 408 plug-in hybrids.

Surprisingly, private buyers accounted for 46% of the hybrid car market in Germany in 2012. In contrast, private buyers make up 38% of the total new passenger vehicle market but only 11% of the electric car market. Businesses are slow to enter the hybrid car market – 7,732 hybrid cars were registered by the automobile industry itself as demonstration and research vehicles leaving only 3,899 vehicles for all other non-private use.

Best-Selling Hybrid Cars in Germany in 2012

In 2012, new passenger hybrid vehicle registrations in Germany according to car sales statistics released by the KBA were:

Hybrid Car Model 2012 2011*
1 Toyota Yaris 5387
2 Toyota Auris 3347 4018
3 Toyota Prius 2582 2027
4 Lexus CT 1411 1525
5 Toyota Prius Plus 1150
6 Opel Ampera 824 241
7 Lexus RX 750 706
8 Mercedes E-Class 682
9 Peugeot 3008 668
10 Honda Jazz 591 928
11 Peugeot 508 503
12 Citroen DS5 446
13 Honda CR-Z 390 770
14 Lexus GS 292
15 Audi Q5 283 451
16 Honda Insinght 256 199
17 Audi A6 235
18 Porsche Panamera 131 202
19 BMW 5 Series 129
20 Audi A8 116
21 Porsche Cayenne 113
22 BMW 3 Series 111
23 VW Touareg 105
24 VW Golf, Jetta 50
25 BMW 7 Series 49
26 Infiniti M 45
27 GM Cadillac Escalade 29
28 GM Chevrolet Volt 24
29 Mercedes S-Class 24
30 Kia Optima 20
31 Lexus LS 9
32 Volvo S60 8
Others 684      
  Total Hybrid Cars 21 438 12 622
Source: KBA / *2011 figures include top ten only

Top-Selling Hybrid Car Models in Germany in 2012

In 2012, Toyota totally dominated the German market for hybrid cars. The top five best-selling hybrid cars in Germany were Toyota with Toyota (including Lexus) accounting for nearly three-quarters of all hybrid cars sold in Germany in 2012.

The new Toyota Yaris became Germany’s favorite hybrid car model. The hybrid Yaris was new to the German car market in 2012. It easily outsold the Toyota Auris, which was the most popular hybrid in Germany in 2011.

Auris sales slipped due to the arrival of the cheaper Yaris but Prius sales further increased with the new larger Prius Plus entering the market at fifth place. The fourth placed Lexus CT and Lexus RX easily outsold any other luxury hybrid models.

German manufacturers have finally started to offer hybrid cars to the German public but sales remain very low. The best-selling German branded hybrids were the Opel Ampera at sixth place and the Mercedes E-Class at eighth. Honda, which has three cars in the top-ten list in 2011, saw sales of its hybrid cars slipping in a growing market.

The 2012 German electric car market saw growth of 37% but sales remained rather insignificant at only 2,956 cars.

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