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DMC Lamborghinis at Geneva Auto Salon 2015

2015 (Jan to April) International: Worldwide Car Sales

April 2015: New passenger vehicle registrations increased in Europe, China, the USA and India but car sales were sharply weaker in Russia, Brazil and Japan. For a change, India with a car market expansion of 16% was the strongest major growth region in the world followed by Europe with a 7% increase in car sales. China remains the world’s largest new car market in April 2015 with growth continuing at a fairly low 5.5% while growth in the USA was only slightly weaker at 5%. New light vehicle … [Read More...]

Rolls Royce Serenity at the Geneva Auto Show 2015

2015 (Q1) International: Worldwide Car Sales

March 2015: new vehicle registrations increased in China and Europe but car sales were flat in the US, India and Brazil and weaker in Japan and Russia. Car sales grew fastest in China – the world’s largest single-country market – while the European market was larger than the US for the first time in months. New light vehicle registrations were flat in the USA and India. Although the Japanese and Brazilian markets were still negative in March 2015, the outlook is improving. In stark contrast, the … [Read More...]

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