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2014 (January to November) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Car sales increased in November 2014 in Europe, the USA, India and China while new vehicle registrations contracted in Russia, Japan and Brazil. However, the pace of growth has slowed in all major markets in the world compared to the sales increases recorded during first six months of the year. China remained the world’s largest and fastest growing single-car market during November 2014. Worldwide Car Sales in 2014 (January to November) New light vehicle registrations in various parts of the … [Read More...]

Masonry Bugatti at Geneva Autosalon

2014 (January to October) International: Worldwide Car Sales

In October 2014, new car sales increased in China, Europe and the USA while vehicle registrations were down in Russia, Brazil, Japan and India. Growth was again the strongest in China, which remained the world’s largest single-country car market. Car sales in the USA and Europe were up by 6% in October 2014. The Japanese market remained positive for the first ten months of 2014 but had been markedly weaker in recent months. New vehicle registrations in Russia, Brazil and India were sharply down … [Read More...]

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