2021 Germany: Car Theft — Most Often Stolen Cars

In 2021, Land Rover remained the highest-risk car brand for theft in Germany with the highest number of stolen cars VWs and SUVs the top choice for auto thieves. In 2021, car theft in Germany was at a record low with fewer than 10,000 stolen autos. As in previous years, Land Rover remained the riskiest … Read more

2021 (Full Year) Global: Caterham Worldwide Sales

Caterham increased global sales to a record 670 cars in 2021 with the Seven 420 the best-selling model worldwide and the UK and USA the top markets. Caterham sales in 2021 increased by over 40% to a record 670 cars worldwide in 2021. The most popular model was the Seven 420 selling well in the … Read more

2021 (Full Year) Global: Ferrari Sales Worldwide

In 2021, global Ferrari sales increased to a record 11,155 cars worldwide with the USA the largest single-country market. In full calendar year 2021, worldwide sales of Ferrari sports cars increased by 22.3% to a new record 11,155 Ferraris delivered globally. In 2020, Ferrari sold 9,119 cars worldwide, while the previous volume record was in … Read more

2021 (Full Year) Europe: Battery Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Car Sales per EU, UK, and EFTA Country

2021 (Full Year): Germany was the largest battery-electric car market in Europe and leading in plug-in hybrid vehicle sales. The UK was the second-largest electric car market followed by France. In full calendar year 2021, the registration of battery-electric passenger vehicles in the European Union (EU), UK, and EFTA countries increased by nearly two-thirds to … Read more

2021 (Full Year) Global: Nissan Worldwide Car Sales, Production, and Exports

In full-year 2021, global car sales of Nissan increased slightly, worldwide production was 1.2% lower, while exports from Japan were flat. In full calendar year 2021, Nissan global car sales and worldwide vehicle production changed only marginally from the Covid crisis year 2021. Worldwide sales of Nissan cars and commercial vehicles increased only 0.9% while … Read more

2021 (Full Year) Global: Mazda Worldwide Car Sales, Production, and Exports

In 2021, global Mazda car sales worldwide increased by 3.6%, production was down 8.5%, and exports from Japan increased. The CX-5 was the best-selling Mazda model. In full-year 2021, Mazda increased global sales by 3.6% to 1,287,548 cars delivered worldwide. However, production of Mazda cars was 8.5% lower with supply-chain issues restricting car manufacturing worldwide … Read more

2021 (Full Year) Global: Toyota Worldwide Car Sales, Production, and Exports

In 2021, Toyota Group (including Toyota brand, Lexus, Daihatsu, and Hino) increased global car sales, worldwide production, and vehicle exports from Japan. In full-calendar-year 2021, global sales of the Toyota Group increased by 10.1% to nearly 10.5 million vehicles to maintain the title as the world’s largest carmaker. The Toyota brand performed strongly with worldwide … Read more

2021 (Full Year) Britain: UK Car Production and Exports

In 2021, car production in Britain fell to below 860,000 vehicles with exports lower while electric vehicle output surged. Engine manufacturing was sharply down. In full-year 2021, car production in the United Kingdom contracted by 6.7% to only 859,575 vehicles of which 82% were exported. Engine manufacturing and exports in Britain were sharply down in … Read more