2021 (Full Year) Global: Caterham Worldwide Sales

Caterham increased global sales to a record 670 cars in 2021 with the Seven 420 the best-selling model worldwide and the UK and USA the top markets.

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Caterham sales in 2021 increased by over 40% to a record 670 cars worldwide in 2021. The most popular model was the Seven 420 selling well in the two top markets — the UK and USA. Sales increased sharply in Portugal and Italy. Caterham expects another record year in 2022.

Caterham Worldwide Sales in 2021 (Full Year)

In full-year 2021, Caterham global sales grew by a remarkable 41% over pre-pandemic levels with the 670 orders taken in 2021 not only smashing the 442 received in 2019, but beating the marque’s previous best tally of 667.

The record-breaking benchmark was all the more impressive due to the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the lack of limited-edition models launched during the previous twelve months. 

Caterham Sales by Model in 2021

With 2017 seeing the release of the highly successful Seven SuperSprint, which sold out in days, 2021’s figure came largely on the back of strong sales of series-production models.

The new Seven 170, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews it received, played a large role in setting the new sales record, while the Seven 420, in production since 2015, finished the year as the best-selling model in both the UK and US markets.

Despite the sale of Sigma-engined models culminating mid-way through 2021, Caterham sold more cars in the second semester than during the first half of 2021, demonstrating the enduring appeal of the Seven formula.

Caterham Sales by Top Countries in 2021

While the UK dealer network was unsurprisingly responsible for the largest single allocation of orders (37.6%), Caterham sales also grew impressively around the globe in 2021.

The opening of new dealer UKTM in Portugal saw 22 Caterham cars sold there in 2021, more than in the previous decade combined, while sales in Italy nearly trebled year-on-year (from 10 in 2020 to 27 in 2021).

The United States continued its strong upward trend, with its total of 49 cars representing more than double the 21 sold in 2019.

Caterham Sales Outlook for 2022

Looking ahead, 2022 is already set to be another bumper sales year for the Seven, with order books filling up fast. Moreover, the 50-car grid of the 2022 Caterham Academy season was fully booked eight months before its first round, with next year’s championship also well on the way to following suit, the first grid of 25 cars having already sold out.

Graham Macdonald, Caterham’s Chief Executive Officer, said of the record-breaking year: “While 2021 saw plenty of challenges across the automotive sector, I’m delighted to announce such positive sales figures for Caterham.

“The experiences of the last two years have led many people to re-evaluate what they want out of life, meaning Caterham’s philosophy of driver-focused fun and thrillingly pure performance resonates even more clearly than before.

“This is a trend that looks set to continue into 2022 and beyond and, along with the planned expansion of our production capacity, gives Caterham an excellent opportunity to continue building a strong foundation for the future.”

Global Worldwide Car Sales by Brand in 2021 (Full Year)

Global worldwide sales by brand in 2021:

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