2021 (Full Year) Global: Volkswagen Group Worldwide Deliveries by Brand and Market

In 2021, Volkswagen Group (including brands such as VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Porsche) worldwide car sales were down 4.5% to 8,882,000 vehicles.

In 2021, Volkswagen Group (including brands such as VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Porsche) worldwide car sales were down 4.5% to 8,882,000 vehicles.
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In full-year 2021, global deliveries of Volkswagen Group vehicles contracted by 4.5% to below 9 million cars. Commercial vehicles performed generally better but passenger car sales were weaker worldwide. Volkswagen (VW) remained by far the largest brand in the group followed by Audi, Skoda, Seat, and Porsche. China remained the most important single-country market for the Volkswagen Group despite a 14% contraction in sales. Volkswagen Group sales were also lower in Western Europe. Sales were higher in North America and smaller markets such as Asia Pacific (excluding China) and Middle East / China. Volkswagen Group’s battery-electric vehicle sales worldwide almost doubled to 452,900 BEVs.

Volkswagen Worldwide Deliveries by Brand in 2021

Volkswagen Group Brand:20212020Delta (%)
Volkswagen Passenger Cars (VW)4,896,9005,328,100-8.1
Commercial Vehicles
Others (including Bentley, Lamborghini, and Bugatti)23,10018,700+23.6
Volkswagen Group8,882,0009,305,000-4.5

Volkswagen brand (VW) remained by far the largest brand in the Volkswagen Group and its weak performance accounted for most of the lower sales numbers. VW claims to have over half a million orders in Europe alone that are waiting for production subject to the availability of semiconductors.

Audi sales were flat worldwide while Skoda struggled with supply-chain issues similar to VW. In contrast, Seat increased sales largely due to a strong performance by Cupra. Porsche had record sales, which probably benefited the overall profits of the company more than any other brand.

Volkswagen Group Worldwide Sales by Market in 2021

Volkswagen Group global deliveries for all brands in major sales markets in 2021 were as follows:

Volkswagen Group Deliveries20212020Delta (%)
Western Europe2,860,4002,939,500-2.7
Central and
Eastern Europe
North America908,400785,800+15.6
South America514,600489,700+5.1
China (incl. HK)3,304,8003,849,000-14.1
Rest of Asia-Pacific305,800273,200+11.9
Middle East/Africa329,600290,700+13.4

A total of 3,518,700 vehicles were delivered in Europe (–2.7 percent). In Western Europe, 2,860,400 customers took possession of a Group brand vehicle (–2.7 percent). Battery-electric vehicles were very popular in this region, accounting for 10.5 percent of Group deliveries in Western Europe (2020: 6.2 percent). This makes the Group the clear BEV market leader in Europe.

In Germany, a total of 991,900 vehicles across all drive systems were handed over to customers (–9.6 percent). Deliveries in Central and Eastern Europe declined by 2.8 percent to 658,300 units.

In North America, 908,400 customers took delivery of a new Group brand vehicle, a significant increase of 15.6 percent. This positive development was driven in particular by the USA, where deliveries rose by 16.9 percent to 671,800 units.

The Group also lifted its delivery volumes year-on-year in the South America region. A total of 514,600 vehicles were handed over to customers, an increase of 5.1 percent. In Brazil, the region’s largest market, deliveries hovered around the prior-year figure at 376,500 units (–0.3 percent).

In the Asia-Pacific region, deliveries fell by 12.4 percent year-on-year to 3,610,600 units. China, the Group’s largest single market, was among the hardest hit by the semiconductor shortages. Here, deliveries were down by 14.1 percent to 3,304,800 units.

Global Worldwide Car Sales by Brand in 2021 (Full Year)

Global worldwide sales by brand in 2021:

“Sales” as reported by the various brands generally refer to deliveries and not necessarily sales to the customer or final registration. Terms and definitions may vary.

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