2023 (Half Year) International: Global Worldwide Car Sales

Half Year 2023: worldwide new car sales increased in all major global markets with growth particularly strong in Japan, Europe, and the USA. During the first semester of 2023, car sales increased in all major global markets but only China and India have thus far exceeded prepandemic sales levels. New passenger vehicle registrations in Japan … Read more

2023 (Q1) International: Worldwide Car Sales

2023 (Q1): Worldwide new car sales increased in all major world markets except China with growth in passenger vehicle registrations the fastest in Europe. During the first quarter of 2023, car sales in the largest markets in the world increased with the exception of China. Growth was the fastest in Europe but here, as in … Read more

2022 (Full Year) International: Worldwide Car Sales

In 2022, international car sales were flat with China the largest single-country market worldwide and India the fastest-growing major global vehicle market. Worldwide car sales in full-year 2022 were flat but the only major international markets recording growth were India and China. China remained by far the largest single-country car market in the world by … Read more

2022 Global: Volkswagen Group Electric Car Sales Worldwide by Brand

In 2022, worldwide battery-electric car sales by all brands of the Volkswagen Group increased globally by 26%. In the full-year 2022, fully electric car sales of all brands in the Volkswagen Group increased worldwide by 26%. Volkswagen-branded battery-electric vehicle sales increased by 24% to 325,100 cars worldwide. Porsche electric car sales contracted by 16% but … Read more

2022 Global: Volkswagen Group Sales Worldwide by Brand and Country

In 2022, Volkswagen Group worldwide car sales of all large brands (VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat) contracted while Porsche global sales increased. In full-year 2022, global sales of the combined car brands of the Volkswagen Group contracted by 7% to 8,262,800 vehicles. Worldwide sales were lower for Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, and Audi while the more expensive … Read more

2022 (Full Year) Global: Worldwide Battery-Electric Car Sales by German Premium Brands

In full-year 2022, global battery-electric car sales worldwide by German premium brands Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche increased but volumes remained low. In Germany, luxury electric car sales were below the industry average. 2022 (January to December): BMW sold more battery-electric cars worldwide in 2022 than Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche but Tesla sold more electric … Read more

2022 (Full Year) Global: Skoda Worldwide Car Sales by Model and Country

In full-year 2022, Skoda sales worldwide contracted by 17%, Germany remained the largest country market, and the Octavia was the top-selling model. 2022 (January to December): Global sales of Skoda cars were 16.7% lower with 731,300 vehicles delivered. Skoda was hit hard by the war in Ukraine — not only by losing sales in Russia, … Read more

2022 (Full Year) Global: Seat and Cupra Sales Worldwide by Model and Country

In full-year 2022, Seat car sales slumped while Cupra deliveries almost doubled worldwide with Germany, Spain, and the UK the largest markets. The Cupra Formentador and Seat Arona were the top-selling models. 2022 (January to December): Seat SA sales dropped by 18% to 385,600 cars delivered worldwide. While Seat-branded car sales were down by 40%, … Read more

2022 (Full Year) Global: Porsche Worldwide Sales by Model and Markets

In full-year 2022, Porsche sales worldwide increased by 3% through growth in Europe with the Cayenne and Macan the top-selling models. 2022 (January to December): Porsche sold 309,884 cars worldwide — a 3% increase compared to 2021. Porsche blamed a continued shortage of computer chips and the interruption of supply lines for not growing faster … Read more

2022 (Full Year) Global: Audi Worldwide Sales by Country

In full-year 2022, Audi global sales contracted by 4% but deliveries increased sharply in Germany while China remained the largest market. 2022 (January to December): Audi sold 1,614,231 cars worldwide — 3.9% fewer than in 2021. Globally, Audi delivered 118,196 electric models to customers in 2022 — a 44.3% increase but only 7% of all … Read more