2020 (Full Year) Global: Ferrari Sales Worldwide

In 2020, global Ferrari sales decreased worldwide by a tenth with the USA the largest single-country market followed by Germany and the UK. In full calendar year 2020, worldwide sales of Ferrari sports cars contracted by 10% to 9,119 cars sold globally. Ferrari sales in Europe and the Middle East were fairly stable with most … Read more

2020 (Full Year) Europe: CO2 Emissions by Car Brand and EU Country

In 2020, CO2 emissions of new cars fell by 12% in Europe with the Netherlands having the lowest average and Toyota the top brand. CO2 emissions of new passenger vehicles registered in the European Union in 2020 fell by 12% to an average of 106.7 g/km. The Netherlands was the country with the lowest CO2 emissions … Read more

2020 (Full Year) Britain: Used Car Market and Top Models

In 2020, used car sales transactions in Britain contracted by 15% to 6.75 million cars with the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa the best-selling models. Second-hand car sales in Britain in 2020 were down 15% compared to 29% for the new car market. The Ford Fiesta was the favorite used car of the British in … Read more

2020 (Full Year) Europe: Car Sales by Fuel Type in the EU, UK, and EFTA

2020 (Full Year): Petrol and diesel were the most popular fuel type in Europe (EU, UK, EFTA) but battery-electric car sales doubled and plug-in hybrids tripled. In the full-year 2020, the registration of electrically chargeable passenger vehicles in the European Union (EU), UK and EFTA countries increased by 144% to 1,364,813 cars for a market … Read more

2020 (Full Year) Global: Mazda Worldwide Car Sales, Production, and Exports

In 2020, global Mazda car sales worldwide contracted by 17%, production was down 21%, and exports from Japan 29% lower. The CX-5 was the best-selling model. In full-year 2020, Mazda sold 1,243,005 cars worldwide – 17% down on a year ago. The USA was the most important market followed by China and Japan. Global Mazda … Read more

2020 (Full Year) Global: Nissan Worldwide Car Sales, Production, and Exports

In full-year 2020, global car sales of Nissan were down 22% worldwide, production was 27% lower, while exports from Japan contracted by 39%. In full calendar year 2020, Nissan performed dismally with global car sales and worldwide vehicle production sharply down. While all major car markets were severely affected by Covid, Nissan not only had … Read more

2020 (Full Year) Global: Toyota Worldwide Car Sales, Production, and Exports

In full-year 2020, global car sales of the Toyota Group (including Toyota brand, Lexus, Daihatsu, and Hino) contracted by 11%, worldwide production by 14%, and exports by 18%. In full-calendar-year 2020, global sales of the Toyota Group contracted by 11.3% to just over 9.5 million vehicles — enough to reclaim the title as the world’s … Read more

2020 (December) Europe: Car Sales and Market Analysis

In December 2020, the European new car market contracted by 3.8% but battery-electric car sales increased with the VW ID3 the second most popular car model in Europe behind only the Golf. New passenger vehicle registrations in Europe were down 3.8% in December 2020 to only 1.2 million cars. However, the contraction was less severe … Read more