2020 (Full Year) Global: Nissan Worldwide Car Sales, Production, and Exports

In full-year 2020, global car sales of Nissan were down 22% worldwide, production was 27% lower, while exports from Japan contracted by 39%.

In full-year 2020, global car sales of Nissan were down 22% worldwide, production was 27% lower, while exports from Japan contracted by 39%.
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In full calendar year 2020, Nissan performed dismally with global car sales and worldwide vehicle production sharply down. While all major car markets were severely affected by Covid, Nissan not only had weaker sales but lost market share in most countries. In 2020, worldwide sales of Nissan cars and commercial vehicles were 22% lower than in 2019 while production slumped by 27%. In 2020, Mexico was the second-largest producer of Nissan cars behind China but ahead of both Japan and the USA. As with most other brands, Nissan performed significantly better towards the end of 2020.

Nissan Global Car Sales in 2020 (Full Year)

In 2020, Nissan car sales were as follows in major world markets:

In 2020, Nissan worldwide car sales contracted by 22.2% to 4,029,166 vehicles — over a million fewer cars than were sold in 2019. In China, Nissan’s most important single-country market, sales were lower by a more moderate 6% but sales in the USA were down by a third.

In Japan, Nissan car sales were down by nearly a third but minicars performed markedly better with sales up by 1%. The top-selling Nissan car model in Japan was the Note that only came in at ninth place overall.

Nissan Car Production Worldwide in 2020 (Full Year)

Nissan reported car production as follows for the full-year 2020:

Global car production by Nissan was 26.8% lower in 2020 than in 2019. China remained the most important country for car production for Nissan in 2020 but Mexico moved into second place ahead of Japan and the USA.

Nissan Car Exports from Japan in 2020

Nissan reported car export from Japan as follows for 2020:

Exports of Nissan cars from Japan to global markets contracted by 39% in 2020. Exports to Europe were particularly hard hit with sales down by over 50% but the actual number of vehicles involved is relative small. In volume terms, the decline in exports to North America by 37% was of more importance.

Global Worldwide Car Sales by Brand in 2020 (Full Year)

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Global worldwide car sales by brand in 2020 (Full Year):

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