2020 (Full Year) Global: Ferrari Sales Worldwide

In 2020, global Ferrari sales decreased worldwide by a tenth with the USA the largest single-country market followed by Germany and the UK.

In 2020, global Ferrari sales decreased worldwide by a tenth with the USA the largest single-country market followed by Germany and the UK.
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In full calendar year 2020, worldwide sales of Ferrari sports cars contracted by 10% to 9,119 cars sold globally. Ferrari sales in Europe and the Middle East were fairly stable with most of the global damage done in the very important US and Chinese markets that were both significantly weaker. However, these two important large markets are also likely to strongly recover in 2021.

Ferrari Worldwide Car Sales by Major Global Country Markets in 2020

Ferrari reported worldwide sales as follows for its major global markets in full-year 2020:

Market20202019% Share
Middle East*3043093.3
Others EMEA1,0551,03411.6
TOTAL EMEA4,8184,89552.8
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan4568365
Rest of APAC1,520150016.7

Notes: EMEA — Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Middle East* sales include UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Libanon, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman

Top Ferrari Global Country Markets in 2020

The Americas remained by far the single most important region for Ferrari with the USA the most important market, even if country sales for the US were not specified separately. Ferrari sales in the Americas were nearly a fifth lower than in 2019 but the US market is likely to recover strongly in 2021 and 2022.

European countries remained of vital importance to Ferrari sales with the markets here significantly larger in sales volume terms than the Middle East and China. Germany passed the UK to become the second-largest single-country market for Ferrari with unit sales up by 28 cars. Sales volume also increased slightly in Switzerland and France.

Ferrari sales in China nearly halved in 2020 compared to 2019 with only 5% of all Ferraris sold worldwide in 2020 going to China. In 2019, 8.3% of all Ferrari sales were to China. In comparison, German luxury brands sold generally more than a third of cars worldwide in China alone.

Ferrari Worldwide Sales by Model in 2020 (Full Year)

Ferrari does not specify the sales of individual models worldwide in 2020 but the global model composition included 74% sport and special series cars, 24% GT cars, and 2% Icona. The classification excludes track, racing, and one-off cars.

The increase in Icona sales (Monza SP1 and SP2) is probably best for the financial bottom line. GT cars include the Portofino, Roma, GTC4Lusso models.

Global Worldwide Car Sales by Brand in 2020 (Full Year)

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Global worldwide car sales by brand in 2020 (Full Year):

“Sales” as reported by brands generally refer to deliveries and not necessarily sales to the customer and final registration. Terms and definitions may vary.

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