2020 (Full Year) Global: Mazda Worldwide Car Sales, Production, and Exports

In 2020, global Mazda car sales worldwide contracted by 17%, production was down 21%, and exports from Japan 29% lower. The CX-5 was the best-selling model.

In 2020, global Mazda car sales worldwide contracted by 17%, production was down 21%, and exports from Japan 29% lower. The CX-5 was the best-selling model.
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In full-year 2020, Mazda sold 1,243,005 cars worldwide – 17% down on a year ago. The USA was the most important market followed by China and Japan. Global Mazda production was down an even stronger 21% while exports from Japan contracted by 29%. The development of the Covid crisis determined the performance in global markets with several performing stronger towards the end of the year. Mazda increased sales in the US in 2020 by a few units. The most popular Mazda worldwide was the CX-5 followed by the Mazda 3 and CX-30.

Mazda Global Car Sales by Market in 2020 (Full Year)

Mazda reported global worldwide sales as follows by top markets:

Sales 2020Change (%)
Domestic SalesJapan177,043-13
Top Foreign MarketsU.S.A279,0760.2
Overseas Sales1,065,962-17.6

Worldwide, Mazda sales contracted by 17% in 2020 with domestic sales in Japan down 13% and sales in the rest of the world 17.6% lower than in 2019. In the USA, Mazda’s most important market, flat sales meant market share gains. China was the second-largest market for Mazda followed by Japan. Sales in Europe contracted by a sharp 38%.

Worldwide, the best-selling Mazda models were the CX-5: 361,051 units (down 18.7%), MAZDA3 (includes Axela): 239,498 units (down 28.1%), and the CX-30: 178,921 units (up 522.3%).

Mazda Car Production Worldwide in 2020

Mazda reported car production worldwide as follows for 2020:

PRODUCTION2020% Change
DOMESTICPassenger Vehicles740,378-26
Commercial Vehicles6,655-34.7
OVERSEASPassenger Vehicles414,458-6.9
Commercial Vehicles13,648-58
GLOBALPassenger Vehicles1,154,836-20.1
Commercial Vehicles20,303-52.4

In 2020, Mazda’s car production globally contracted by 21%. Most of the decline was in domestic production in Japan where 26.1% fewer cars were built — the commercial vehicle division was particularly hit. Production outside Japan was less affected and only 10% lower than in 2019.

The top models Mazda produced in Japan in 2020 were the CX-5: 312,303 units (down 23.7% year on year), MAZDA3: 112,071 units (down 39.1%) and CX-30: 72,051 units (up 24.5%). The leading models produced overseas in 2020 were the MAZDA3: 110,505 units (down 20.2% year on year), CX-30: 125,453 units (up 681.3%), and MAZDA2: 55,897 units (down 49.4%).

Mazda Cars Exported from Japan in 2020

Mazda exports of cars produced in Japan to various global markets were as follows in 2020:

2020% Change
North America274,310-12.6

Exports of Mazda cars made in Japan were 29% lower in 2020 than 2019. North America was the top destination for Mazda exports but the European market was hit harder in 2020.

The top Mazda car models exported from Japan to global markets were the CX-5: 287,972 units (down 24.3% year on year), MAZDA3: 88,743 units (down 42.3%), and CX-3: 51,438 units (down 38.5%).

Global Worldwide Car Sales by Brand in 2020 (Full Year)

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Global worldwide car sales by brand in 2020 (Full Year):

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