2021 USA: First Bugatti Divo and Chiron Super Sport Deliveries

Bugatti delivered the first Bugatti Divo and Chiron Super Sport cars in the USA at the start of 2021. Sales are limited to 40 and 60 cars. Bugatti announced the first deliveries of Bugatti Divo and Chiron Super Sport cars in the USA in early 2021. Three Bugatti Divo hypercars were delivered in California, USA. … Read more

2021 (Forecast) Britain: Drive Electric Predicts 200,000 EV Car Sales in the UK

Drive Electric predicts at least 200,000 new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) car sales in Britain in 2021 — this forecast expects double the UK electric car registrations in 2020. DriveElectric predicts that the number of new battery-electric vehicle registrations in the UK will almost double in 2021 to at least 200,00 BEV. Electric car sales … Read more

2020 & 2021 Europe: CO2 Targets and Electric Car Sales Forecasts

Most car brands are on target to meet CO2 targets in 2020 in Europe while forecasts show electric vehicles taking a 15% share of car sales in 2021. Electric car sales are due to treble market share in Europe in 2020, as carmakers rush to comply with European Union CO2 targets. By mid-2020, the PSA, … Read more

2020 & 2021 Global: BMW Electric Car Sales Worldwide and Forecast

BMW delivered its 500,000th electrified vehicle in December 2019 and predicted a quarter of its vehicles sold in Europe in 2021 will be electric. BMW announced that it delivered half a millionth electrified vehicles worldwide by December 2019 – double the number of electric cars built by Volkswagen to date. BMW introduced the electric i3 … Read more