2011 – Germany’s Favorite Car Colors

Black, gray and white were the favorite colors for new cars registered in Germany. Brown showed the largest percentage increase.

Brown Mercedes SLS
Brown is increasingly popular in Germany © Daimler

Black narrowly overtook gray in 2011 to become the most popular color for new cars registered in Germany. White cars are increasingly in fashion again while blue is less popular. More worryingly, brown overtook red to become the fifth most popular color choice for new cars.

Colors of New Passenger Vehicle Registrations in Germany in 2011

According to car sales statistics released by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, the colors of new passenger vehicles registered in Germany for the first time in 2011 were:

Color % of cars in 2011 % change from 2010
1 Black 31 10.9
2 Grey 30.9 3.2
3 White 13 22.3
4 Blue 9 -6.9
5 Brown 6 81.9
6 Red 5.8 -6.3
7 Yellow 1.4 -6.5
8 Green 1.1 -14.1
9 Purple 0.6 55.2
10 Orange 0.4 0
Rest 0.9 19.1
Source: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt

Most Popular Colors for Cars in Germany in 2011

The color of all cars registered in Germany is entered onto the registration papers making it fairly easy for the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt to calculate fashion trends in exterior car colors. All cars have to fit into ten base colors.

The percentage black cars registered for the first time in 2011 increased by over 10% to make black the most popular choice. Almost a third of all new cars in Germany are painted black.

Grey, which includes any grayish color lighter than black, has long been the most popular color for cars in Germany. At some stage, the police even changed the base color of its vehicles from white to silver to increase the resale value.

White, for long a very unfashionable choice for a car in Germany, is increasingly popular again with an increase of 22% over the number of white cars registered a year earlier.

Few Colorful Colors on German Roads

The other seven colors together compose only a quarter of new cars in Germany. Blue is the top choice for drivers who want to bring some color to the road. However, blue is also in decline.

The surge in demand for brown cars – up 82% – is more surprising. Brown overtook red in the popularity stakes in Germany in 2011.

The number of yellow and green new cars in Germany is low with both colors even less popular in 2011. Purple (violet) saw a surge in demand of 55% but from a very low base. Orange – a popular choice in the 1970s – brings up the rear.

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