2019 (Full Year) Global: Volkswagen Electric Car Sales Worldwide

In 2019, Volkswagen sold 70,000 electric cars worldwide. Since 2013, VW electric car sales worldwide reached 250,000 vehicles.

The 250,000th electrified Volkswagen sold was a VW e Golf in 2019.

In 2019, Volkswagen’s worldwide sales of electrified vehicles were 70,000 cars – an increase from the 50,000 sold in 2018. The main sales markets in 2019 for VW electric cars were China, Norway, Germany, the USA, and the United Kingdom. During December 2019, VW sold its 250,000th electrified vehicle. Although it took six years to reach this target, Volkswagen recently forecasted that VW will produce 1 million electric vehicles by 2023 and in 2025 will 1.5 million electric cars with its ID brand.

Best-Selling Volkswagen Electrified Cars Worldwide (2013-2019)

In mid-December 2019, the Volkswagen brand delivered the 250,000th electric car since the introduction of the e-up! in 2013. (BMW delivered half a million in the same period.) The brand’s electrified model range has been continually expanded in the following years: e- Golf and Golf GTE followed in 2014, the Passat GTE and Passat Variant GTE in 2015. Since 2018, the Passat and Tiguan have been available as plug-in hybrids in China, where they were followed by battery-electric versions of the Bora and Lavida in 2019.

Volkswagen’s best-selling electric car has been the e-Golf with 104,000 units delivered, followed by the Golf GTE (51,000), Passat Variant GTE (42,000) and e-up! (21,000). Half of the customers opted for a battery electric vehicle and the other half for a plug-in hybrid.

Despite the seeming success of the electrified Golf, the Golf 8 will not be available as a battery-electric car at all. From mid-2020, the electric-only ID.3 will be Volkswagen’s main contender in the electric car market. Production of the ID.3 started in November 2019 but the first customer deliveries in Germany will only be by mid-2020.

Volkswagen recently forecasted that VW will produce 1 million electric vehicles by 20e3 and in 2025 will 1.5 million electric cars with its electric-cars-only ID brand.

Jürgen Stackmann, Board Member for Sales, Marketing and After Sales, says: “With the 250,000th electrified vehicle, the Volkswagen brand has reached a major milestone on the way to carbon- neutral mobility. Especially all-electric vehicles such as our new ID. family are the answer to major challenges of our times. They offer considerable driving pleasure and advantages we could only dream of a few years ago. They have a carbon- neutral balance, offer more space with comparable outside dimensions, and are quiet, highly efficient, economical and inexpensive to maintain. This is why we will be selling the next 250,000 electrified vehicles in a considerably shorter period of time. At Volkswagen, we are convinced that the future is electric.”