2013 (Jan to Sep) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Car sales in September 2013 were surprisingly strong with even Europe and Japan recording strong growth with new vehicle registrations highest in China.

Car sales in September 2013 were surprisingly strong with even Europe and Japan recording strong growth with new vehicle registrations highest in China.

Car sales in various regions of the world were robust during September 2013. Europe had a rare positive month while new vehicle registrations in Japan were up by almost a fifth. Light vehicle sales in the USA were down, as was expected due to vacation days. Brazil had a positive month while India continued to disappoint. Growth in China was again just shy of 30% with year-to-date passenger vehicle registrations in China up by more than a fifth. January to September 2013 saw the USA narrowly ahead of China as the largest single-country auto market.

New Car Sales Worldwide in 2013 (January to September)

New passenger (or light) vehicle registrations in different regions of the world during September 2013 according to car sales statistics monitored by the聽VDA聽were as follows:

Region 聽Jan-Sep 2013 % 聽September 2013 % August 2013 July 2013 聽Jan-June 2013
Europe (EU+EFTA) 聽9,338,900 -4.0 聽1,194,200 5.5 聽687,000 聽1,019,600 聽6,436,700
Russia 聽2,046,700 -6.6 聽246,900 -5.0 聽231,900 聽234,600 聽1,333,300
USA 聽11,742,000 8.1 聽1,133,800 -4.2 聽1,497,700 聽1,309,300 聽7,789,200
Japan 聽3,470,000 -5.3 聽446,000 18.1 聽310,700 聽401,900 聽2,311,300
Brazil 聽2,641,300 -0.9 聽294,400 6.0 聽313,000 聽324,300 聽1,709,500
India 聽1,926,700 -7.7 聽216,000 -4.5 聽190,100 聽186,200 聽1,333,400
China 聽11,602,500 20.8 聽1,472,000 29.0 聽1,244,800 聽1,147,200 聽7,738,600
Source: VDA 聽42,768,100 聽5,003,300 聽4,475,200 聽4,623,100 聽28,652,000

Russia, USA & Brazil include light vehicles (trucks); other markets passenger vehicles (cars) only.

European Car Sales in 2013 (January to September)

The biggest surprise in the worldwide car sales data was that Europe experienced fairly strong growth during September 2013. New passenger vehicle registrations in the European Union and EFTA increased by 5.5%, however, it should be born in mind that September 2012 was the worst September on record.

The British car market, Europe鈥檚 second largest, remained the driving force in Europe. Car sales in the UK increased by a further 12% during September 2013 and for once even France (+3.4%) saw a positive growth month.

Year-to-date the European car market remains weak (-4%) but appearing in much better shape than earlier in 2013. The Russian market continued to weaken but at a slower pace than earlier in 2013.

International Car Sales in 2013 (January to September)

The USA light truck market was weaker in September (-4.2%) but the lower figures were expected as the Labor Day weekend fell in August this year with September 2013 having two working days less than a year ago. In August 2013, the US market grew by a phenomenal 17% making for a stable 7% growth for August and September 2013 combined. January to September 2013, the US light vehicle market grew by 8.1% to remain narrowly bigger than China.

The Japanese car market showed remarkable growth in September with car sales increasing by 18.1%. During the first three quarters of 2013, the Japanese car market weakened by 5.3%. The Indian car market continued to disappoint.

The Brazil light vehicle market also grew during September 2013 (6%). January to September 2013 sales figures for Brazil remained flat.

China continues to be the strongest growth vehicle market in the world. In September 2013, new passenger vehicle registrations grew by 29%. The Chinese car market grew by 20.8% from January to September 2013 to leave the Chinese auto market just 140,000 cars smaller than the US.