2013 (Jan to April) International Worldwide Car Sales

April 2013 car sales in most major international markets (even in Europe) showed positive growth.

Ferrari Stand at the 2013 Geneva Auto Salon

New passenger vehicle and light truck registrations in most major international markets increased during April 2013 compared to a year earlier. Europe had a positive month for the first time since September 2011 while strong growth continued in both China and the USA. The largest expansion in April was in the Brazilian car market while Japan also had positive numbers. The car markets in Russia and India contracted in April.

New Car Sales in International Markets in April 2013

According to car sales statistics released by the VDA, new automobile sales in major international markets in April 2013 were as follows:

Region 聽Jan-April 2013 % Change 聽Sales April % Change 聽March February January
Europe (EU+EFTA) 聽4,176,700 -7 聽1,081,300 1.8 聽1,346,900 聽829,400 918,300
Russia 聽862,300 -2.2 聽245,300 -8 聽244,000 聽210,700 162,100
USA 聽4,955,800 6.9 聽1,280,300 8.4 聽1,447,700 聽1,188,100 1,039,900
Japan 聽1,624,200 -7.5 聽308,600 0.7 聽570,700 聽412,900 332,100
Brazil 聽1,105,500 8.7 聽317,000 29.6 聽268,600 聽222,700 297,200
India 聽934,300 -10.9 聽208,400 -8.2 聽257,000 聽226,500 242,400
China 聽5,213,700 23.7 聽1,294,000 18.8 聽1,390,600 聽985,500 1,528,400
聽4,734,900 聽5,525,500 聽4,075,800 4,520,400

Worldwide Car Markets in April 2013

Car sales in most major international markets expanded during April 2013. The biggest surprise was probably that the European Union showed positive year-on-on year growth in April for the first time since September 2011. However, the European car market was mostly helped by two extra working days in April 2013 compared to the previous year.

The major driving forces on the European car markets were continued growth in Britain (+15%) and more surprisingly Germany (+4%). Scandinavian car markets expanded too in April 2013 but the major French (-5%) and Italian (-11%) new passenger vehicle markets continued to drag the numbers down.

The Russian car market, which had flat growth during the first quarter of 2013, has now clearly turned strongly negative.

The USA market continued to grow strongly (8.4%) in April but continued expansion in China (19%) saw the Chinese market narrowly bigger in April. Year-to-date, the Chinese car market has expanded by almost a quarter.

In contrast the Indian car market continued to contract while Japan was flat but narrowly positive in April 2013.

The Brazilian market showed the strongest growth in April helped by the postponement of tax changes. The Brazilian car market increased by almost a third to exceed the Japanese market for the month. The Brazilian market was also helped by extra working days, as was the case in most European countries in April 2013. (I130521)