2015 (Jan to July) Germany: Electric and Hybrid Car Sales

Porsche e-hybrid at the Geneva Auto Salon 2015

July 2015: Electric and hybrid car sales in Germany increased strongly but year-to-date new alternative fuel vehicle registrations increased by only 18%. German car buyers remained totally unconvinced by electric cars with plug-in hybrids selling marginally more during the first seven months of 2015. Although the increase in new electric vehicle registrations exceeded the general … Read more

2015 (January to July) International: Worldwide Car Sales

2015 BMW 750 iL

July 2015: New passenger vehicle registrations increased in Europe, India and the USA but car sales were lower in China, Japan, Russia and Brazil. In July 2015, car sales were stronger in all five largest European countries to record the 23rd consecutive month of year-on-year increases in car sales in the European Union. In July … Read more

2015 (January to June) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman

June 2015: New passenger vehicle registrations increased in Europa and the USA but new car sales were down in Russia, Brazil, Japan, India and China. During the first half of 2015, China and the USA remained the largest single-country car markets but growth was the fastest in the European Union. Car markets expanded in the … Read more

2015 (January to May) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept at Geneva Auto Salon 2015

May 2015: New passenger vehicle registrations increased in China, Europe, India and the US but car sales were weaker in Brazil, Japan and Russia. China remained the world’s largest single car market but growth in the much smaller Indian market was faster during May 2015. Slow growth in car sales in Europe were partly due … Read more

2015 (Jan-May) Germany: Electric and Hybrid Car Sales

Volkswagen e-up! in Berlin

May 2015: Electric car sales in Germany declined by 40% while hybrid sales were up 15% and plug-in hybrid sales nearly doubled compared to a year ago. Electric car sales in Germany increased by nearly a third during the first quarter of 2015. However, new registrations of electric vehicles have been disappointing in recent months … Read more

2015 (Jan to April) International: Worldwide Car Sales

DMC Lamborghinis at Geneva Auto Salon 2015

April 2015: New passenger vehicle registrations increased in Europe, China, the USA and India but car sales were sharply weaker in Russia, Brazil and Japan. For a change, India with a car market expansion of 16% was the strongest major growth region in the world followed by Europe with a 7% increase in car sales. … Read more

2015 Germany: Most Popular Classic and Historic Cars

VW Beetle Classic Car Rally

Mercedes-Benz remained the favorite classic car brand in Germany in 2015 with the VW Beetle (Käfer) the most common model with historic H number plates. More than 300,000 classic cars in Germany are registered as historic – i.e. cars older than 30 years and in good, largely original condition. Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen are the leading … Read more

2015 (Q1) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Rolls Royce Serenity at the Geneva Auto Show 2015

March 2015: new vehicle registrations increased in China and Europe but car sales were flat in the US, India and Brazil and weaker in Japan and Russia. Car sales grew fastest in China – the world’s largest single-country market – while the European market was larger than the US for the first time in months. … Read more

2015 (Q1) Europe: Best-Selling Car Manufacturers, Brands and Models

Yellow Lamborghini Aventador at Geneva Auto Show 2015

 The European car market (EU and EFTA) expanded by 8.5% during the first three months of 2015 – including the strongest March in five years – to 3,637,635 new passenger vehicle registrations. All major brands increased sales compared to a year ago with only very minor changes in the rank order of best-selling manufacturing groups … Read more

2015 (Q1) Europe: Car Sales by EU Country

Seat 20V20 Crossover at Geneva Auto Show 2015

New passenger vehicle registrations in the European Union increased by 8.6% in the first quarter of 2015 with growth in all the largest countries. In March 2015, the European new car market expanded for the 19th consecutive month. During the first three months of 2015, Germany, the UK and France all experienced growth while Italy … Read more