2019 Germany: Total Number of Registered Cars by Brand

In 2019, the total number of cars registered for use on public roads in Germany was 47 million with VW, Opel and Mercedes-Benz the most common brands. In 2019, the number of motorized vehicles in Germany increased by nearly a million to 64.8 million vehicles, including 47 million cars. Volkswagen remained the most-common car brand … Read more

2019 (January) Germany: Best-Selling Electric Car Brands and Models

January 2019: Volkswagen was the best-selling electric car brand in Germany but the Renault Zoe was the top-selling electric car model. Volkswagen remained the leading electric car brand in Germany at the start of 2019. VW was followed by Renault, BMW and Hyundai. Sales of electric Smarts slipped but Audi and Kia showed strong gains. … Read more

2019 Global: Volkswagen Produced Fifth Million Tiguan

VW Tiguan 2016

In 2019, Volkswagen produced the fifth million VW Tiguan – the most-popular VW SUV for the past eleven years. 800,000 were sold worldwide in 2018. In mid-January 2019, the five millionth VW Tiguan left the assembly line at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant. The compact Tiguan has enjoyed worldwide success since its market launch in 2007, and … Read more