2012 (Full Year) Germany: Electric and Hybrid Car Sales

Electric cars and hybrid vehicles continue to grow in popularity in Germany but in 2012 low-emission cars still take only one percent of the total German car market.

Opel Ampera
Opel Ampera © GM Company

Electric and hybrid vehicle sales in Germany continue to grow in 2012 but overall numbers still remain dismally low compared to the total new passenger vehicle market. In 2008, Germany set the target of having a million electric cars on the road by the year 2020 but industry watchers seriously doubt that figure will be achieved even given the large number of electric cars that German and other carmakers are planning to launch in the next few years.

Electric and Hybrid Car Sales in Germany in 2012

According to new passenger vehicle registration details released by the KBA, sales of electric and hybrid cars in Germany are as follows:

Year to Date2,95621438   
2011 (Full Year)2,15412,622   

Although both electric and hybrid vehicle sales have risen since 2011, many will be disappointed by not only the low numbers, but the relative slow increase in sales too. Hybrid cars during the first eight months of 2012 exceed the total for 2011, but electric cars are due to only overtake the 2011 total during October 2012.

In comparison, the total German car market in 2012 was 3,082,504 new passenger vehicle registrations.

The best-selling electric car in Germany in 2012 was the Smart Fortwo – see Best-Selling Electric Cars in Germany 2012 and Best-Selling Hybrid Cars in Germany in 2012 for lists of the most popular models.

  • Official, full-year 2011 Germany sales figures are available for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Electric car sales figures for Sweden and Norway are more readily available.