2011 Full Year Best-Selling Electric Cars in Germany in 2011

The most popular electric cars in Germany in 2011 were the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Opel Ampera, and Karabag 500E. Germany saw only 2,154 new electric vehicle registrations.

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In 2011, the best-selling electric cars in Germany were the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Opel Ampera, Karabg 500E, Peugeot iOn, and Citroen C-Zero. Although new electric passenger vehicle registrations in Germany quadrupled, the overall number was only 2,154 cars. This nevertheless almost doubled the number of electric vehicles to 4,541 electric cars in total registered on German roads.

List of the Top-Ten Best-Selling Electric Cars in Germany in 2011

The German car magazine Auto Bild on January 13, 2012, published a list of the most popular electric car models sold in Germany in 2011. The car sales figures were compiled from Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt data and estimates by manufacturers.

ManufacturerElectric Cars Sold in Germany in 2011
1Mitsubishi i-MiEV683
2Opel Ampera241
3Karabag 500E216
4Peugeot iOn208
5Citroen E-Zero200
6Fr盲ger Stromos112
7Renault Kangoo Z E108
8Tesla Roadstercirca 100
9Tazzari Zerocica 50
10Karabag Fiorino E44

Source: Auto Bild 2/2012

The Kraftfahrt Bundesamt’s list of top-ten most-registered electric cars in Germany in 2011 includes models that are also sold in normal petrol or diesel versions and exclude some models included in the calculations of AutoBild. (The KBA considers the Ampera as a hybrid.)

Electric Car Make & ModelCars Registered in 2011
1Mitsubishi I-Miev683
2Smart Fortwo328
3Peugeot Ion208
4Citroen C-Zero200
5Mercedes A Class138
6BMW 1 Series113
7VW Golf81
8Fiat 50065
9Audi A149
10Suzuki Splash23
Source: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt

The Best-Selling Electric Cars in Germany in 2011

The market for purely electric cars in Germany remains woefully small. Nonetheless, the 2,154 new electric passenger vehicle registrations in Germany in 2011 were almost four times more than the 541 electric cars sold in 2010.

However, it is expected that the electric car market in Germany will expand fivefold during 2012. Several major manufacturers will sell electric cars in Germany from 2012 including the Opel Ampera, very similar Chevrolet Volt, an electric Smart, Nissan Leaf, and a range of Renault cars. In 2011, only a hundred electric cars were sold to private individuals.

The number of hybrid cars sold in Germany grew by 2,000 cars to 12,622 in 2011. In comparison, Germany鈥檚 favorite car, the Volkswagen Golf, were sold 258,059 times as conventional petrol and diesel models.

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