2023 (Full Year) Europe: Top 20 Best-Selling Electric Car Models

In full-year 2023, the Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, and Volkswagen ID4 were the top-selling battery-electric car models in Europe.

In the full calendar year 2023, the Tesla Model Y was the best-selling battery-electric car model in Europe. (It was also the top-selling car model overall in 2023 in Europe and in the world.) It was followed by the Tesla Model 3, the Volkswagen ID4, and the MG4.

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Top 20 Best-Selling Car Models in Europe in 2023 (Full Year)

The top 20 best-selling battery-electric car models in Europe in 2023 according to JATO Dynamics were:

Europe’s Top 3 Favorite Electric Car Models in 2023

The Tesla Model Y was Europe’s favorite electric car model in 2023. It was also Europe’s favorite car model overall, favorite SUV, favorite battery-electric car, and favorite non-European car model. Sales increased by 84% compared to 2022.

The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling vehicle in 2023 in several European country markets including Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Finland. “The soaring popularity of the Model Y and price cuts across its range helped Tesla record its largest market share since arriving in Europe. Tesla has the right product in the right place at the right time,” Munoz commented.

The Tesla Model 3 was the second most popular electric car model in Europe in 2023. Sales increased by a more moderate 11% but a model update in early 2024 may help the standard sedan model to regain some popularity. It was the 32nd most popular car model overall in Europe in 2023.

The Volkswagen ID4 increased sales by a quarter but sales were only a third of that of the Model Y. The VW ID4 at the 45th most popular car model in Europe in 2023.

Sales of the MG4 were up by nearly 900% — despite the statistic being massaged by low previous numbers, it was still a phenomenal performance by the Chinese car brand.

Volkswagen Group’s electric line-up performed well in 2023 with the ID.4 and the ID.3 in third and seventh place respectively, and the Skoda Enyaq at fifth in the BEV rankings. However, JATO pointed out that these models were outperformed by direct competitors including the Tesla Model Y and the MG 4. The Model Y outsold the ID.4 by almost three times, despite boasting an average retail price 15% higher than the Volkswagen model. The MG 4 also outsold the ID.3 by 8,800 units, despite its average retail price being 5% higher than the ID.3 in Germany.

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