2017 (Full Year) Germany: Best-Selling Hybrid Car Brands and Models

Nearly half of all hybrid cars sold in Germany in 2017 were made by Toyota. Germany’s favorite four hybrid car models were all made by Toyota.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota was the best-selling hybrid car brand in Germany in 2017 with a market share of nearly 50%. Audi was a distant second followed by BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The four top-selling hybrid car models in Germany were all made by Toyota: the Yaris, C-HR, Auris and RAV 4.

Hybrid Car Sales in Germany in 2017 (Full Year)

In 2017, Germans registered 84,675 hybrid cars for the first time. This was an increase of 76.4% from a year ago and included 29,436 plug-in hybrids (+114%) – more than the total German market for purely electric cars.

In 2017, hybrid cars took a 2.5% of the total German new passenger vehicle market that expanded by 2.7% to 3,441,262 cars.

Best-Selling Hybrid Car Brands in Germany in 2017 (Full Year)

According to new passenger vehicle registration data released by the KBA the following were the top-selling hybrid car brands in Germany in 2017:

Cars Sold in 2017 % Share 2017
Total Market 84,675 100
1 TOYOTA 39,549 46.7
2 AUDI 10,998 13
3 BMW 7,749 9.1
4 MERCEDES 5,310 6.3
5 KIA 4,603 5.4
6 VW 4,181 4.9
7 LEXUS 2,641 3.1
8 MITSUBISHI 2,237 2.6
9 HYUNDAI 1,896 2.2
10 VOLVO 1,551 1.8
11 SUZUKI 1,342 1.6
12 PORSCHE 1,341 1.6
13 MINI 504 0.6
14 RENAULT 128 0.2
15 LAND ROVER 107 0.1

Top-Selling Hybrid Car Brands in Germany in 2017 (Full Year)

Toyota is the clear market leader in hybrid passenger vehicles in Germany. In 2017, nearly half of all hybrid cars sold in Germany were produced by Toyota. In 2017, Toyota sold 39,549 hybrid cars in Germany for a 46.7% share of the market. Nearly half of the 81,086 cars Toyota sold in Germany in 2017 were hybrid models.

Audi was a distant second with a 13% share of the new hybrid car market in Germany in 2017. Audi was followed by BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Kia.

Volkswagen, by far the largest carmaker in Germany, sold only 4,181 hybrid cars in Germany in 2017 – almost an identical number to the electric cars VW sold in 2017. Whereas Volkswagen had an 18.4% share of the total German new passenger car market in 2017, its share of the hybrid market was less than 5%.

Lexus, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Volvo rounded out the top ten. Suzuki and Porsche just missed out on the top ten with other brands selling insignificant numbers of hybrid cars in Germany.

Best-Selling Hybrid Car Models in Germany in 2017 (Full Year)

The 40 best-selling hybrid car models in Germany in 2017 according to the KBA statistics were:

Brand Model Cars Sold in 2017
Total Market 84,675
1 Toyota YARIS 12,243
2 Toyota C-HR 9,609
3 Toyota AURIS 8,231
4 Toyota RAV 4 7,251
5 Audi A3, S3, RS3 4,454
6 Kia NIRO 4,366
7 BMW 2ER 3,680
8 Audi A4, S4, RS4 2,748
9 VW PASSAT 2,234
10 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 2,234
11 Mercedes-Benz GLK, GLC 2,162
12 VW GOLF 1,935
13 Audi A5, S5, RS5 1,928
14 Hyundai IONIQ 1,894
15 Mercedes-Benz C-KLASSE 1,531
16 BMW I3 1,528
17 Lexus NX 1,462
18 Toyota PRIUS 1,313
19 BMW 5ER 1,075
20 Audi A8, S8 990
21 Porsche PANAMERA 955
22 Suzuki SWIFT 921
23 Toyota PRIUS PLUS 898
24 Mercedes-Benz E-KLASSE 895
25 Audi Q7 680
26 Volvo XC90 580
27 BMW 3ER 574
28 Mini MINI 504
29 Volvo 60 489
30 Lexus RX 476
31 Volvo XC60 381
32 Mercedes-Benz S-KLASSE 378
33 BMW 7ER 321
34 Mercedes-Benz ML-KLASSE, GLE 320
35 Porsche CAYENNE 309
36 Suzuki BALENO 304
37 BMW X5 296
38 BMW I8 273
39 Lexus IS 268
40 Lexus CT 254

Germany’s Favorite Hybrid Car Models in 2017 (Full Year)

It was a clean sweep for Toyota in the hybrid car models sales ranks in Germany in 2017: the four most-popular hybrid car models in Germany were all made by Toyota. The Toyota Yaris was Germany’s favorite hybrid car model in 2017. Toyota sold 12,243 hybrid Yaris cars in Germany in 2017 for a market share of 14.5%. This was more cars of this one model alone than any of the other manufacturers sold in total.

The second most-popular hybrid car in Germany in 2017 was the Toyota C-HR – a subcompact crossover. It was followed by the Golf-sized Toyota Auris and the popular Toyota RAV 4 SUV. The Toyota Prius, arguably the most-famous hybrid car in the world was down in 18th place with the Prius Plus at 23rd.

The best-selling German hybrid car was the Audi A3 down in fifth place with sales just over a third of the leading Yaris. The Kia Niro was in sixth place followed by the BMW 2 Series and the Audi A4.

The VW Passat was the most popular hybrid Volkswagen model in Germany but sales amounted to only 2,234 cars. The VW Golf was down in 12th place –it did significantly better in the electric only version.

The large Mitsubishi Outlander SUV was the tenth most popular hybrid car in Germany in 2017.

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