2015 (Full Year) Japan: 30 Best-Selling Car Models

Mazda 2 Geneva 2015

The Toyota Aqua was again Japan’s favorite car model in 2015 with the Prius and Honda Fit the other top three best-selling car models. The Aqua and fourth-placed Corolla were the only car models to have kept the same rank positions as a year ago. Most of the most-popular car models in Japan sold significantly … Read more

2015 (Full Year) Japan: Best-Selling Car Brands and Manufacturers

Toyota Geneva Auto Show

In 2015, Japan’s largest car manufacturers and brands were Toyota, Honda and Suzuki. The Japanese market shrank by 9% to just over 5 million vehicles. Japanese car manufacturers generally experienced sharp sales losses in Japan in 2015 but heavy and commercial vehicle sales were mostly stronger indicating some growth potential in the Japanese economy. Mercedes-Benz … Read more

2015 (Full Year) Britain: Best-Selling Car Models

Ford Fiesta Geneva Auto Salon 2015

In 2015, the Ford Fiesta was again Britain’s top-selling car model but the Vauxhall Corsa replaced the Focus as the UK’s second most-popular car. Eight of Britain’s favorite top-ten cars were the same models as last year but the Mini and Vauxhall Mokka rounded out the list in 2015. New passenger vehicle registrations in the … Read more

2015 (Full Year) Britain: Best-Selling Car Brands

Ford at Geneva Auto Salon 2015

In 2015, a record 2,633,503 new passenger vehicles were registered in the UK with Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen the best-selling car manufacturers. BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan recorded strong sales gains in Britain for the best year ever for most brands. The Ford Fiesta was again Britain’s favorite car model. The British Car Market in 2015 … Read more

2015 (Full Year) Switzerland: Best-Selling Car Brands

VW Golf Variant at Geneva Auto Show 2015

In 2015, new passenger vehicle registrations in Switzerland increased by 7.2% to 323,783 cars with Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz the top-selling brands. The strong franc sent the Swiss car buying with the full year 2015 total second only this century to the record 2012. The Swiss Car Market in 2015 (Full Year) 2015 was a … Read more

2015 (Full Year) Germany: Best-Selling Car Brands

VW Beetle Cabrio

In 2015, new passenger vehicle registrations in Germany increased by 5.6% with Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Opel the top-selling car brands. Car sales increased to 3,206,042 vehicles – the highest total since 2009 and the second consecutive year that Europe’s largest single-country market exceeded three million cars. None of the top-ten best-selling car brands … Read more

2015 (Full Year) France: Best-Selling Car Models

Renault Kadjar at Geneva Auto Salon 2015

In 2015, the Renault Clio and Peugeot 208 were again the most-popular car models of the French with the VW Polo the top-selling foreign car model in France. The composition of the models on the list of the 20 best-selling car models in France in 2015 hardly changed from a year ago with the Renault … Read more

2015 (Full Year) France: Best-Selling Car Manufacturers and Brands

Smart at Geneva Auto Salon 2015

In 2015, the PSA Group (Peugeot Citroen) was the best-selling car manufacturer in France, Renault the most-popular brand and VW the top imported marque. The French car market expanded by 6.8% to 1,9 million new passenger vehicle registrations – the best performance since 2011. Almost all carmakers and brands in France had an increase in … Read more

2015 (January to November) International: Worldwide Car Sales

11-Suzukis at Geneva Auto Show 2015

11-Suzukis at Geneva Auto Show 2015November 2015: The Chinese car market expanded by a quarter while sales were also up in Europe, India and the USA. Russia, Brazil and Japan contracted.

Year-to-date 2015, new passenger vehicle registrations increased the most in Europe (8.6%) but increases have also been strong in China, India and the USA. New car sales in Japan contracted during the first eleven months of 2015 by 10% but were down by a quarter in Brazil and just over a third in Russia.

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2015 (January to October) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Orange Lamborghini

October 2015: New vehicle registrations increased strongly in India, China and the USA while the slump in car sales continued in Brazil and Russia. New passenger vehicle registrations continued to increase in Europe but the UK had its first negative month in two and a half years. The Japanese car market remained weak but the … Read more