2018 (January to July) Germany: Best-Selling Electric Car Brands and Models

July 2018: The top-selling electric car models in Germany were the Kia Soul, Smart Fortwo and Renault Zoe with Smart the leading electric car brand.

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January to July 2018: The best-selling electric car brands thus far this year in Germany were Smart, Volkswagen and Renault. Germany’s favorite electric car models during the first seven months of 2018 were the Renault Zoe, VW Golf and Smart Fortwo. Electric cars share of the German new car market remained well below one percent.

Electric Car Market in Germany in 2018 (Jan to July)

New electric passenger car registrations in Germany increased by 38.8% in July 2018 to 2,526 electric cars for a market share of only 0.79%.

Thus far in 2018, electric car registration in Germany totaled 19,760 for a market share of 0.92% compared to 12,009 electric cars registered during the same period in 2017 and a market share of 0.6%

Best-Selling Electric Car Brands in Germany in 2018 (Jan to July)

New passenger vehicle registration data released by the KBA identified the following as the top-selling electric car brands in Germany in July 2018 and the first seven months of 2018:

1-7/2018 Brand July 2018 Jan-Jul 2018
  All Electric Cars 2,526 19,760
  Share of Total Car Market 0.79% 0.92%
1 SMART 503 4,405
2 VW 359 3,432
3 RENAULT 320 3,011
4 KIA 429 2,464
5 BMW 314 2,065
6 TESLA 95 1,349
7 NISSAN 162 1,136
8 HYUNDAI 107 793
9 OPEL 15 306
10 AUDI 30 187
11 PEUGEOT 18 124
12 JAGUAR 70 113
13 CITROEN 25 83
14 MERCEDES 1 82
15 PORSCHE 32 39
16 FORD 0 17
18 HONDA 0 5
  Source: KBA    

Top-Selling Electric Carmakers in Germany in 2018 (July)

In July 2018, for the second consecutive month, Smart was the best-selling electric car brand in Germany. Smart is spearheading Daimler’s electric car move and 11% of all Smarts sold in Germany in July 2018 were electric. Kia moved into second place – its highest position thus far this year – while Volkswagen was third. Renault slipped from second in June to fourth.

Two new entries into the top-ten list of electric car registrations in Germany in 2018 are Jaguar and Porsche. The inclusion of the latter a reminder that the KBA numbers are cars registered for road use for the first time rather than sales to consumers – the numbers thus include research and demonstration vehicles too.

During the period January to July 2018 Smart was continuously the leading electric car brand in Germany followed by Volkswagen and Renault. Kia is the fourth largest electric car brand in Germany with BMW fifth.

Best-Selling Electric Car Models in Germany in 2018 (July)

According to the KBA the following where the top-selling electric car models in Germany in July 2018 and January to July 2018:

Jul 2018 Brand Model July 2018 Jan-Jul 2918
Total Electric Market
  2,526 19,760
1 Kia Soul 423 2,447
2 Smart Fortwo 387 2,720
3 Renault Zoe 320 3,011
4 BMW I3 314 2,065
5 VW Golf 311 2,872
6 Nissan Leaf 162 1,136
7 Smart Forfour 116 1,685
8 Hyundai Ioniq 105 784
9 Jaguar I-Pace 70 113
10 Tesla Model S 51 907
11 VW Up 46 556
12 Tesla Model X 44 439
13 Citroen C-Zero 24 69
14 Peugeot Ion 18 122
15 Opel Ampera 15 306
16 Nissan NV200 3 85
17 Mercedes Vito 1 1
18 Mercedes-Benz B-Class 0 80
19 Ford Focus 0 17
  Source: KBA      

Top-Selling Electric Car Models in Germany in 2018 (July)

In July 2018, the Kia Soul was the best-selling electric car model in Germany. The Soul improved from 9th in June but it was also the top-seller in April. The Smart Fortwo was the second most-popular electric car in Germany – its highest position since March. The Renault Zoe – the top-seller for the previous two months – slipped to third. The BMW i3 narrowly outsold the e-Golf. The Jaguar iPace is a new entry in the top-ten list of best-selling electric cars in Germany.

Year-to-date 2018, the Renault Zoe remained the best-selling electric car in Germany. The VW Golf, Smart Fortwo, Kia Soul and BMW i3 were the only other models to have sold more than 2,000 electric cars in Germany thus far in 2018.

Electric Car Sales in Germany

Electric Car Sales in Germany

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