2017 (Q1) France: Best-Selling Car Manufacturers, Brands and Models

Renault Trezor at the Geneva Auto Show 2017

New passenger vehicle registrations in France increased by 4.8% during the first quarter of 2017. PSA was the top manufacturer, Renault the top-selling brand, and the Clio France’s favorite car model. January to March 2017: Car sales in France during the first quarter of 2017 were up by 4.8% to 541,065 cars. The PSA Group … Read more

2017 (Jan & Feb) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Bentley EXP12 Geneva 2017

February 2017: New car sales increased in India, China, Japan and Europe but contracted in the USA, Russia and Brazil. China is again the fastest growing car market in the world. New passenger vehicle registrations increased in the European Union, Japan, India and China in February 2017 while sales were down in the US, Russia … Read more

2017 Germany: Total Number of Registered Cars

Hyundais in Geneva 2016

On January 1, 2017, the total number of cars registered in Germany was a record 45,803,560 with VW, Opel and Mercedes-Benz the most common brands. The total number of passenger vehicles registered in Germany on January 1, 2017, increased by 1.6% to a new record 45,803,560 cars. Volkswagens remained the most-common car brand on German … Read more

2017 (January) International: Worldwide Car Sales

Rolls-Royce Dawn at the Geneva Auto Salon 2016

January 2017: new passenger vehicle registrations in Europe and Japan increased while car sales were weaker in the USA, Brazil and Russia and flat in China. European new car sales continued to increase at the start of 2017 with new passenger vehicle sales up 10% in the European Union and EFTA during January 2017. Car … Read more