2023 (February) Europe: New Car Sales and Market Analysis

In February 2023, new car sales in Europe increased 12% while the battery-electric car market expanded by a third and the Tesla Model Y was the top-selling model overall. New passenger vehicle registrations in Europe increased to 900,000 cars in February 2023 — the second consecutive month of double-digit growth. Battery-electric car sales increased by … Read more

2023 (January) Europe: Car Sales and Market Analysis

In January 2023, the European new car market grew by 11% with Volkswagen, Toyota, and Skoda the leading brands and a record 51% of all new cars sold in Europe SUVs. New passenger vehicle registrations in Europe increased by 11% in January 2023 to 907,000 cars but the market was still far smaller than in … Read more

2022 (Full Year) USA: Hennessey Car Sales and Outlook for 2023

In 2022, Hennessey had strong sales and delivered 10 Venom F5 cars to owners in the USA with 20 hypercars scheduled for delivery in 2023. Hennessey, the Texas-based hypercar manufacturer, and high-performance vehicle creator, delivered a milestone 10th Venom F5 to its owner at the end of 2022. Signed off for full production in March 2022 the … Read more

2022 (Full Year) Global: Kia Sales Worldwide and 2023 Forecast

In full-year 2022, Kia sold 2.9 million vehicles worldwide and forecasted global sales to increase in 2023 to 3.2 million cars. The Sportage SUV was the top-selling Kia model globally. 2022 (January to December): Kia Corporation sold 2,903,619 vehicles worldwide in 2022, a 4.6 percent increase on global sales in 2021. Kia car sales in … Read more

2022 (Full Year) Global: Hyundai Worldwide Car Sales and 2023 Forecast

In 2022, Hyundai sold 3.9 million cars worldwide and forecasted that global sales in 2023 will increase to 4.3 million vehicles. Hyundai Motor Company sold 3,944,579 vehicles worldwide in 2022, a 1.4 percent increase over global sales in 2021. Hyundai forecasts worldwide sales to increase to 4.3 million cars in 2023. Hyundai Worldwide Car Sales … Read more

2020 Global: Volkswagen Electric Car Production Forecast

VW forecasts electric car production to reach one million cars by 2023 with Volkswagen producing 1.5 million electric ID branded cars by 2025. Volkswagen forecasts that its electric car production will reach one million cars in 2023 – two years earlier than previously predicted. Volkswagen also predicts that it will produce 1.5 million vehicles worldwide … Read more