2020 (Full Year) France: Top 30 Best-Selling Car Models

In full-year 2020, the Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio were again the best-selling car models in France. French models dominated the top-ten list. In 2020, the Peugeot 208 II was the top-selling car model in France but the Renault Clio nameplate (models IV and V combined) was still the best-selling car model name. French brands … Read more

2020 (Full Year) France: New Car Market Overview and Analysis

In 2020, the new car market in France contracted by a quarter. Market analysis showed a huge increase in the popularity of electric vehicles. In full-year 2020, new passenger vehicle registrations in France contracted by 25.2% to only 1,650,082 cars. Market analysis of the French new car market showed a large increase in the popularity … Read more

2020 (November) Europe: Car Sales and Market Analysis

In November 2020, car sales in Europe contracted by 13%. The VW Golf remained the top-selling model followed by the Toyota Yaris. In 2020, new passenger vehicle registrations in the European Union (EU), EFTA, and the UK contracted by 13% to the lowest November car sales in Europe since 2014. During the first eleven months … Read more

2020 (January to November) International: Global Worldwide Car Sales

November 2020: Car sales increased in China, Japan, Brazil, and India but were weaker in the USA and Europe, as global markets diverge on developments of the pandemic. January to November 2020: car sales were weaker in all major markets of the world thus far this year. However, in China, car sales have increased for … Read more

2020 (October) Europe: Car Sales and Market Analysis

October 2020: car sales in Europe were down 7% but electric vehicle sales increased. The VW ID3 became Europe’s best-selling electric car. New passenger vehicle registrations in Europe contracted by 7% in October 2020 largely due to new restrictions imposed on the movement of people due to Covid-19 towards the end of the month. Sales … Read more

2020 Bugatti: Limited Production of Bugatti Baby II

Bugatti Baby II with adult driver

Bugatti will produce 500 Baby II 75% scale models of the Type 35 in partnership with The Little Car Company. Prices start at $36,600. Bugatti announced that it will produce 500 electric Bugatti Baby II vehicles in partnership with The Little Car Company. Baby II is a 75% scale model of the Type 35 racing … Read more

2020 (January to October) International: Global Worldwide Car Sales

October 2020: Worldwide car sales increased with higher sales in major global markets including China, the USA, Japan, and India. New passenger vehicle registrations were lower in Europe and Brazil. January to October 2020: thus far in 2020, despite stronger sales in October, all major global car markets were weaker with car sales lower worldwide. … Read more

2020 (Q3) Europe: Electric and Plug-In Hybrid Car Sales per EU, UK and EFTA Country

2020 (Q3): electrically-chargeable car sales in Europe more than tripled with battery-electric vehicles taking a 10% share and plug-in hybrids 12%. In 2020, electrically-chargeable vehicle sales in Europe increased strongly with especially strong growth during the third quarter of the year. During 2020 (Q3), battery-electric car sales more than doubled in the European Union (+132%) … Read more

2020 (September) Europe: Car Sales and Market Analysis

September 2020: new passenger vehicle registrations in Europe increased by 1% while electric car sales expanded to a fifth of the total market. Although the European new car market contracted by 29% during the first three quarters of 2020, car sales actually increased by a modest 1% in September 2020. Electric car sales increased dramatically … Read more

2020 (August) Europe: Top Car Brands for CO2 Targets

January to August 2020: Volvo reached its CO2 target as the greenest carmaker in Europe. Other car brands also reduced CO2 emissions on sales in Europe in 2020. January to August 2020: The combined car sales in the European new car market were only 6.5 g/km above the combined CO2 target set by the European … Read more