2019 (Full Year) Global: Volkswagen Sales Worldwide

In 2019, Volkswagen sales worldwide increased by 0.5% to 6,278,300 cars. VW deliveries were up in Europe, South America, China and the USA. In full calendar year 2019, the Volkswagen brand delivered 6,278,300 vehicles throughout the world, exceeding the prior-year figure by 0.5 percent. In a shrinking overall market, VW gained market share in many … Read more

2019 (Full Year) Global: Audi Sales Worldwide

In 2019, Audi sales worldwide increased by 1.8% to 1,845,550 cars. Audi had record sales in China. Despite challenging conditions, Audi delivered 1,845,550 cars worldwide in 2019, an increase of 1.8 percent. In all three core markets, Audi sales increased in 2019. In China, Audi set a new record with a total of 690,083 vehicles … Read more

2019 (Full Year) Global: Mercedes-Benz Sales Worldwide

In 2019, Mercedes-Benz sales worldwide increased by 1.3% to a record 2,339,562 cars. Global sales or Smart were down 9.5%. → See Mercedes-Benz Sales Worldwide in 2020 2019 was the ninth consecutive record year for Mercedes-Benz, with growth of 1.3% to a total of 2,339,562 cars delivered worldwide. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz maintained its … Read more

2019 (Full Year) Global: Porsche Worldwide Sales

In 2019, Porsche worldwide deliveries increased by 10% to 280,000 cars. The Macan and Cayenne were the top-selling models. In full calendar 2019, Porsche worldwide sales increased to a new record 280,000 cars a 10% increase on deliveries in 2018. Porsche increased global deliveries in all major regions of the world with the increase in … Read more

2020 & 2021 Global: BMW Electric Car Sales Worldwide and Forecast

BMW delivered its 500,000th electrified vehicle in December 2019 and predicted a quarter of its vehicles sold in Europe in 2021 will be electric. BMW announced that it delivered half a millionth electrified vehicles worldwide by December 2019 – double the number of electric cars built by Volkswagen to date. BMW introduced the electric i3 … Read more

2019 (Full Year) Global: Rolls-Royce Sales Worldwide

In 2019, Rolls-Royce sales worldwide increased by a quarter to a new record 5,152 motor cars. The Cullinan SUV was in high demand. In full calendar year 2019, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars increased worldwide deliveries by 25% to 5,152 cars – the highest number in the 116-year history of the company. Record numbers of Rolls-Royce cars … Read more

2019 (Full Year) Global: Bentley Sales Worldwide

In 2019, Bentley Motors increased worldwide sales by 5% to 11,006 cars – the seventh consecutive year that Bentley sold over 10,000 vehicles. In full-year 2019, Bentley deliveries worldwide increased by 5% to 11,006 cars compared to 10,494 in 2018. The best-selling Bentley model in 2019 was the Continental GT followed by the Bentayga. The … Read more

2020 Global: Volkswagen Electric Car Production Forecast

VW forecasts electric car production to reach one million cars by 2023 with Volkswagen producing 1.5 million electric ID branded cars by 2025. Volkswagen forecasts that its electric car production will reach one million cars in 2023 – two years earlier than previously predicted. Volkswagen also predicts that it will produce 1.5 million vehicles worldwide … Read more

2019 (Full Year) Global: Volkswagen Electric Car Sales Worldwide

In 2019, Volkswagen sold 70,000 electric cars worldwide. Since 2013, VW electric car sales worldwide reached 250,000 vehicles. In 2019, Volkswagen’s worldwide sales of electrified vehicles were 70,000 cars – an increase from the 50,000 sold in 2018. The main sales markets in 2019 for VW electric cars were China, Norway, Germany, the USA, and … Read more