2018 (Full Year) USA: American Honda and Acura Sales

In 2018, Honda sales in the US contracted by 3,1% to 1,445,894 cars while Acura sales increased by 2.5% to 158,938 vehicles.

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In December 2018, American Honda increased sales by 3.9% to 155,115 vehicles with both brands increasing sales: Honda sales were up 3% to 138,341 vehicles and Acura sales increased by 11.4% to 16,774 vehicles.

American Honda Sales in the US in 2018

American Honda reported the following sales per division for December 2018 and fully year 2018:

American Honda Total155,115149,3173.90%1,604,8281,641,429-2.20%
Total Car Sales64,86062,5773.60%728,695800,979-9.00%
Total Truck Sales90,25586,7404.10%876,133840,4504.20%
HondaTotal Car Sales60,87258,3994.20%200752,558-9.00%
HondaTotal Truck Sales77,46975,8562.10%761,041734,2693.60%
AcuraTotal Car Sales3,9884,178-4.50%43,84248,421-9.50%
AcuraTotal Truck Sales12,78610,88417.50%115,092106,1818.40%

Honda Brand Sales in the USA in 2018

12/201812/2017% ChangeFY2018FY2017Change

Honda finished 2018 on a strong note with both cars and trucks gaining in December, overcoming over four months of lost production due to a flood that shut the Celaya, Mexico auto plant to narrowly miss a new annual sales mark.

Truck sales set new monthly and annual records led by CR-V which set an all-time monthly record, with 42,079 units in December, a gain of 13.8%. Pilot set a new annual mark, eclipsing its previous record by over 7,000.

Electrified vehicle sales set new monthly and annual sales records with 6,899 December sales, the 6th straight month above 5,000 units.

In 2018, the Honda Civic continues its dominance as the #1 retail car in America for a 3rd straight year and 9th straight year as the compact retail #1.

Honda Pilot was the fastest growing SUV in segment in 2018, helping deliver a 4th straight year of record light truck sales to Honda.

Acura Sales in the US in 2018

RLX / RL21618616.10%1,9311,23756.10%

Acura was one of the few luxury brands to increase sales (+2.8%) in the USA in 2018, setting records for RDX and light trucks, leading to new market share and the brand’s first annual gain since 2014.

  • Acura trucks set a new monthly sales record, gaining 17.5% on 12,786 units
  • RDX gained 42.2% to set a new December mark on sales of 6,838 units, the model’s 7th consecutive monthly record and second best month in history.
  • MDX had December sales of 5,948 units, helping the model to its 7th straight year of 50,000+ annual sales.
  • ILX and RLX sedans gained in December, with ILX up 10.7% and RLX gaining 16.1% (its best month in 2018). 
  • Heading into December, RDX was the #1 retail-selling model in segment in 2018, the #2 top-selling luxury SUV and the #3 top-selling model in all of luxury.
  • ILX picked up more than 2 points of share in segment in 2018, while TLX outsold the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 and key models from Lexus and Volvo.

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