2022 (Full Year) Global: Audi Worldwide Sales by Country

In full-year 2022, Audi global sales contracted by 4% but deliveries increased sharply in Germany while China remained the largest market.

In full-year 2022, Audi global sales contracted by 4% but deliveries increased sharply in Germany while China remained the largest market.
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2022 (January to December): Audi sold 1,614,231 cars worldwide — 3.9% fewer than in 2021. Globally, Audi delivered 118,196 electric models to customers in 2022 — a 44.3% increase but only 7% of all Audis sold worldwide in 2022. China remained the largest market for Audi despite weaker sales while Germany is again the second most important country for new Audi sales.

Audi Sales in Major Global Markets and per Large Country in 2022

Audi sales in major global regions and the largest country markets were as follows in full-year 2022:

MarketSales 2022Sales 2021% 22/21
World1,614,2311,680,512–3.9 %
– incl Battery-Electric118,196+44.3%
Europe624,498617,048+1.2 %
Germany214,678180,883+18.7 %
– United Kingdom110,193117,993–6.6 %
– France44,09850,383–12.5 %
– Italy55,88955,005+1.6 %
– Spain35,24534,767+1.4 %
USA186,875196,038–4.7 %
Mexico9,9059,465+4.6 %
Brazil5,5876,244–10.5 %
Mainland China + Hong Kong642,548701,289–8.4 %

Audi Worldwide Sales in Major Countries in 2022 (Full Year)

In 2022, China remained the most important single-country market for Audi. However, only 642,548 Audi cars were sold in China in 2022 — 8.4 percent fewer than in 2021. Audi blamed this decline on the ongoing supply bottlenecks, particularly in semiconductors, as well as production limitations due to COVID-19. At the dealerships, constraints caused by the Covid pandemic also made themselves felt in temporary showroom closings. The number of fully electric models that were delivered increased by 9,8 percent.

Given the contraction in China in 2022, the European and especially German car market regained importance to Audi. With 624,498 cars delivered in Europe, Audi was able to increase sales by 1.2 percent over 2021.

Sales in Germany were a particularly strong contributor to the positive trends in Europe (214,678 vehicles, +18.7 percent). The company increased its market share here considerably and gained third place from BMW. Audi had a strong increase in deliveries of all-electric models (+87.8 percent).

Due to logistics and supply bottlenecks, the total number of vehicles delivered in the US was 186,875, slightly below the previous year at -4.7 percent. However, customer demand continued to be high although the USA slipped behind Germany to be the third-largest single-country market for Audi in 2022.

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Global worldwide sales by brand in 2022:

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