2022 (Full Year) USA: Nissan and Infiniti Car Sales by Model

In full-year 2022, Nissan and Infiniti car sales in the USA were down by around a quarter with the Rogue the top-selling model.

In full-year 2022, Nissan and Infiniti car sales in the USA were down by around a quarter with the Rogue the top-selling model.
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2022 (January to December): Nissan car sales in the US were 25.7% weaker in 2022 while Infiniti brand sales were lower by 20.4%. The Nissan Rogue was the most popular Nissan model overall while the Altima was the best-selling passenger car of the brand. The top-selling Infiniti model was the QX60.

Nissan Group Car Sales in the USA in 2022

NISSAN GROUP USA20222021% chg
TOTAL VEHICLES729,350977,639-25.4
Nissan Division Total682,731919,086-25.7
Infiniti Division Total46,61958,553-20.4
Total Car256,558340,063-24.6
Total Truck472,792637,576-25.8
Selling days307306

In the full calendar year 2022, Nissan Group sold 729,350 vehicles in the USA, a decrease of 25.4% percent compared to 2021. Nissan brand performed weaker than the smaller luxury Infiniti division. In contrast to many other carmakers, the truck / SUV sales of Nissan performed somewhat weaker than passenger car sales.

Nissan Sales in the USA by Car Model in 2022 (Full Year)

Nissan sales per vehicle model were as follows in the USA in 2022:

20222021% chg
Nissan Division Total682,731919,086-25.7
Total Car249,929323,439-22.7
Total Truck432,802595,647-27.3
North American produced584,170751,027-22.2

Infinity Sales in the USA by Model in 2022

Infinity sales in the USA per vehicle model in 2022:

INFINITI20222021% chg
Infiniti Division Total46,61958,553-20.4
Infiniti Q504,78113,896-65.6
Infiniti Q601,8472,728-32.3
Infiniti Q7010N.A.
Infiniti QX3001-100
Infiniti QX5011,10519,195-42.1
Infiniti QX555,1064,33217.9
Infiniti QX6016,5735,829184.3
Infiniti QX807,20612,572-42.7
Total Car6,62916,624-60.1
Total Truck39,99041,929-4.6

Car Sales by Brand in the USA in 2022 (Full Year)

Car Sales by Brand in the USA in 2022 (Full Year):

NOTE: “Sales” as reported by the various brands generally refer to deliveries and not necessarily sales to the customer or final registration. Terms and definitions may vary. All statistics are provided by respective car manufacturers unless clearly marked otherwise.

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