2023 (Full Year) Global: Mercedes-Benz and Smart Worldwide Car Sales

In full-year 2023, Mercedes-Benz Group (including Smart cars) worldwide sales increased by only 1.5% to 2,491,600 vehicles.

In full-year 2023, Mercedes-Benz Group (including Smart cars) worldwide sales increased by only 1.5% to 2,491,600 vehicles.
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2023 (January to December): Mercedes-Benz Group Cars and Vans global sales increase 1.5% to 2,491,600 in 2023. Mercedes-Benz Cars sales were flat at 2,043,800 Mercedes-Benz branded sales, while Van sales increased by 8% to 447,800 vehicles. Fully electric Mercedes-Benz passenger car sales rose by 73% to 222,600 vehicles, equivalent to 11% of overall worldwide sales.

Mercedes-Benz Group Worldwide Sales in 2023

Mercedes-Benz20232022% Change
Mercedes-Benz Group2,491,6002,456,0001.50%
Mercedes-Benz Cars2,043,8002,040,7000
– thereof Mercedes-Benz BEVs240,600149,20061%
– thereof Mercedes-Benz P.C. BEVs222,600128,70073%
– thereof smart fortwo/forfour BEVs18,10020,500-12%

Sales by Market Segment

Sales by Mercedes-Benz defined market segments worldwide were as follows:

SegmentSales 2023Sales 2022
Top-End 328,200 328,200+0%
Entry 618,700 595,900+4%
  • Top-End: Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, G-Class, S-Class, GLS, EQS and EQS SUV
  • Core: All derivatives from C- and E-Class, incl. EQC, EQE and EQE SUV 
  • Entry: All derivatives from A- and B-Class incl. EQA, EQB and smart 

Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 2,043,800 units in 2023 as demand for superior products resulted in a rise of Mercedes-Maybach (+19%), G-Class (+11%) and Mercedes-AMG (+4%) to 328,200 Top-End Vehicles last year. An additional 60,000 V-class and EQV models were sold in 2023.

Mercedes-Maybach sold 19% more vehicles in 2023, boosted by strong sales of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS and S-Class versions in all key regions. In Q4 Mercedes-Maybach launched its all-electric EQS SUV version in the U.S. market, ahead of its broader roll-out to other key regions in 2024. The rise in Mercedes-AMG sales (+4%) in 2023 included a 76% rise in high-performance battery electric vehicles.

Sales of the G-Class remained strong and once again increased by 11% in 2023 ahead of the introduction of the electric G this year. The S-Class remains the undisputed leader in its segment, retaining its market share with around 50% in all key regions.

Full-year sales in the Core segment reached 1,096,800 units (-2%) in 2023 mainly due to supplier bottlenecks and the model changeover to the new E-Class, which was introduced in China in December. Availability of the new GLC and E-Class was constrained in many markets due to a shortage of 48-Volt systems. The C-Class saw sales rise by 10% in 2023.

Entry segment sales reached 618,800 units (+4%) in 2023 driven by the strong demand of the EQA (+57%) and EQB (+109%).

Fully electric Mercedes-Benz passenger car sales rose by 73% during the year, to 222,600 units, equivalent to 11% of overall sales and 19% including plug-in hybrids. BMW did considerably better with electric car sales in 2023.

Mercedes-Benz Sales by Major Market or Country in 2023

Merecede-Benz sales in major markets and countries in 2023:

RegionSales 2023Sales 2022Change
– thereof Germany234,300215,6000.09
– thereof China737,200753,900-2%
North America339,500344,200-1%
– thereof U.S.298,000300,800-1%
Rest of World81,10089,400-9%

China remained the most important single-country market for Mercedes-Benz in 2023 followed by the US and Germany.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Sales Worldwide in 2024

Worldwide sales of Mercedes-Benz Vans increased in 2023

Worldwide sales of Mercedes-Benz Vans increased in 2023 by 8% to 447,800 units, which was the best-ever sales result yet. In the strategically important markets Europe and North America, sales grew by 8% to 279,400 units and 13% to 86,400 units respectively. In the United States, sales grew by 13% to an annual sales record of 75,100 units, making the strategically important US the 2nd largest van market worldwide.

Despite the challenging environment, Mercedes-Benz Vans remain in high demand. With total sales of 237,400 large, 178,900 mid-size and 31,500 small vans, Mercedes-Benz Vans achieved its best annual result to date in each segment. With around 22,700 eVans, sales of electric vans increased by 51% in 2023. Especially the demand for commercial vans has developed very strongly, with commercial van sales up by 9% to a total of 380,400 units sold. In the private segment, with 67,400 units sold (-1%), sales remained on a similar level as previous year, especially due to the upcoming model change of the mid-size vans in 2024.

Global Worldwide Car Sales by Brand in 2023 (Full Year)

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Global worldwide sales by brand in 2023:

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