2019 Global: Lamborghini Sales Worldwide

In 2019, Lamborghini sales worldwide increased by 43% with the Urus super SUV by far the most popular Lamborghini model.

Green Lamborghini Roadster - in 2019 the Lamborghini Urus rather than sleek sports cars were the best-selling model worldwide.

In full-year 2019, Lamborghini achieved record sales by delivering 8,2015 cars to customers worldwide. The most-popular Lamborghini model was the Urus super SUV that contributed 60% of total cars sold by Lamborghini in 2019. Lamborghini sales, turnover, profit, and personnel were at record highs in 2019 but no predictions were made for 2020.

2019 – Record Sales Year for Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. reported its best-ever results across the board, entering new dimensions in its year-long growth. The Italian super sports car producer outperformed all previous key business benchmarks: sales, turnover and profitability achieved levels unprecedented in the 56-year history of the brand.

Lamborghini’s turnover grew by 28% from 1,42 billion to 1,81 billion Euro in 2019. The global sales growth was even stronger, increasing by 43% to 8,205 units delivered to customers with sales records in all major regions: America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Top-Selling Lamborghini Models in 2019

The top-selling Lamborghini in 2019 was the Urus SUV rather than the sports cars that the Italian company is traditionally famous for. Lamborghini, which has its origins in agricultural machinery, thus became the latest sports car manufacturer to rely more on bulky SUVs rather than sleek cars for sales and profits.

In its first year of full market availability, the Super SUV Lamborghini Urus sold 4,962 units – 60% of all Lamborghini’s sold in 2019. Although lower in total numbers, sales for two super sports car model lines were also strong: V12 Aventador (1,104 units) and V10 Huracán (2,139 units).  

Lamborghini – No Forecasts for 2020

Lamborghini maintains an attractive product portfolio and a strong global sales presence with 165 dealers serving 51 countries. The year 2020 sees deliveries start of new V10 Huracán EVO derivatives as well as the Lamborghini Sián: a limited edition hybrid super sports car, alongside other planned unveilings. With imponderables remaining due to the current Coronavirus situation, it is still too early to give a detailed forecast of impacts on business development in 2020.

The celebration of this success from 2019 is clearly overshadowed by the significance and uncertainties of the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus, an exceptional situation giving rise to enormous challenges for the entire world in 2020.

Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, comments: “In Fiscal Year 2019 Lamborghini continued its sustained history of growth, setting new historic highs in all key business figures. While celebrating these figures we must underline the extraordinariness of the situation in which we find ourselves right now, from both a human and corporate perspective, due to the worldwide spread of Coronavirus.

In only a few days our habits and our interpersonal relationships have changed, with this scenario being reflected across the world. We need to be ready to react rapidly to these new circumstances, and in a rational and effective way. The excellent start to the year 2020, confirmed by sales numbers in the first two months, gives us the right motivation in order to be ready and proactive in facing this entirely new and unimaginable challenge.

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