2023 (Full Year) USA: Ford and Lincoln US Car Sales by Model

In full-year 2023, Ford and Lincoln car sales in the USA increased by 7.1% to almost 2 million vehicles with the F-Series and Explorer the top-selling models.

In full-year 2023, Ford and Lincoln car sales in the USA increased by 7.1% to almost 2 million vehicles with the F-Series and Explorer the top-selling models.
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2023 (January to December): Ford Motor Company sales in the USA were up 7.1% to 1,995,912 vehicles. Ford branded sales were up 7.5% to 1,914,094 vehicles while Lincoln brand sales were 2% weaker at 81,818 vehicles. Ford was America’s number 1 truck and commercial vehicle seller and the second-strongest electric vehicle brand. In 2023, the Ford F-Series was the best-selling vehicle model in the USA for the 42nd consecutive year.

Ford Motor Company Sales in the USA by Brand and Car Type in 2023

Ford Motor Company sales in the USA by brand and car type in 2023 were as follows:

SALES BY BRANDSales 2023Sales 2022% 22/23
Ford Brand1,914,0941,780,9787.5
Lincoln Brand81,81883,486-2.0
Total vehicles1,995,9121,864,4647.1
SALES BY FUEL TYPESales 2023Sales 2022% 22/23
Electric Vehicles72,60861,57517.9
Hybrid Vehicles133,743106,70525.3
Internal Combustion1,789,5611,696,1845.5
Total vehicles1,995,9121,864,4647.1
SALES BY TYPESales 2023Sales 2022% 22/23
Total vehicles1,995,9121,864,4647.1

Ford’s electric vehicles posted record sales of 72,608 vehicles for the year (up 18 percent). Growth came from America’s best-selling electric truck, the F-150 Lightning, and the Mustang Mach-E sales. Ford’s E-Transit was America’s best-selling electric van nameplate in 2023 on sales of 7,672 – up 18 percent over 2022.

For the year, Ford hybrid vehicle sales were up 25 percent. Ford has both the first and second best-selling hybrid trucks in America, with Maverick Hybrid sales totaling 52,361 trucks, a 67 percent gain and more than half of Maverick’s total sales in 2023. The F-150 Hybrid posted sales gains of 41 percent on 2023 sales of 50,103.

Although passenger car sales increased slightly, traditional cars were only 2.4% of Ford’s total vehicle sales in the US in 2023.

Ford Sales by Model in the USA in 2023

Ford sales by model in the USA in 2023 were as follows:

FORD BRAND MODELSSales 2023Sales 2022% 22/23
Bronco Sport127,47699,54728.1
Mustang Mach-E40,77139,4583.3
Ford SUVs783,681777,7700.8
Including: F-150 Lightning (electric)24,16515,61754.7
Including: E-Transit7,6726,50018.0
Transit Connect18,05025,140-28.2
Heavy Trucks14,58013,5397.7
Ford Trucks1,081,777955,54313.2
Ford Cars48,63647,6652.0
Ford Brand1,914,0941,780,9787.5

In 2023, for the 47th year in a row, the Ford F-Series was America’s best-selling truck and America’s best-selling vehicle for the 42nd consecutive year. In addition, the Ford F-150 Lightning was the No. 1 selling electric truck and the F-150 Hybrid was the No. 1 selling full-size hybrid truck for 2023.

The Ford Transit van was America’s No. 1 selling commercial van. 

Lincoln Sales by Model in the USA in 2023

Lincoln sales by model in the USA in 2023 were as follows:

LINCOLN BRANDSales 2023Sales 2022% 22/23
Lincoln SUVs81,81883,486-2.0
Lincoln Brand81,81883,486-2.0

Car Sales by Brand in the USA in 2023 (Full Year)

Car Sales by Brand in the USA in 2023 (Full Year):

NOTE: “Sales” as reported by the various brands generally refer to deliveries and not necessarily sales to the customer or final registration. Terms and definitions may vary. All statistics are provided by respective car manufacturers unless clearly marked otherwise.

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